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Has the man bun epidemic reached the normal men of Ireland?

The celebrities are all at it, but what about everyone else?

WE ARE WELL aware that the Irish celebrity male has fully embraced the man bun.

Hozier loves it

Hozier - iTunes Festival 2014 - London Source: David Jensen/PA

Conor McGregor has worn it in battle

UFC 178 Mixed Martial Arts Source: John Locher/PA

Aidan Turner has clearly felt some love for it

The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies Premiere - London Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Even Colin Farrell has worn it out and about

Dead Man Down Premiere - Los Angeles Source: AP/Press Association Images

Recently, we’ve been told that the man bun is truly the hairstyle of 2015 for the discerning gent.

Yesterday, in fact, Good Morning America declared it as such

manbun Source: Yahoo

An expert on such matters told them:

You can see it in Hollywood now. Actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Hemsworth and even David Beckham has been rocking it.

The article attracted over 1000 comments, a lot of which can be summed up by this contributor’s passionate stance:

This is the all time WORST look ever seen on men!! I’m a huge fan of long hair on men, but absolutely NOT in a bun!

Universally, it seemed, both men and women weren’t fans.

But still it’s declared as the trend of the year:

But what about Ireland? Have Irish lads embraced it?

From the evidence on social media, it seems that some most certainly have:

With photographic evidence of the buns popping up on Twitter mostly:

manbun2 Source: Twitter

But it’s still not an overwhelming number to declare it popular here just yet:

manbun3 Source: Twitter

They’ve been spotted on the streets though:

So, the bun might only grow from here:

We’ll watch closely to see how this one develops.

So, you think the man bun is…

Poll Results:

A hipster fad which we'll be chuckling at in a few short years (685)
Cool, each to their own - it's only a hairstyle (395)
A thundering disgrace (233)

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