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Man calls the police to remove woman 'snoring like a train' in his bed

Hey buddy, you invited her.

A MAN CALLED the police on a woman he was sleeping with because she was snoring too loudly.

According to the Smoking Gun, Benjamin Duddles from Wisconsin spent the night with the woman drinking and having “relations” before she fell asleep and fired up the foghorn.

41-year-old Duddles wasn’t impressed with the noise, and called the police when he couldn’t wake the woman up.

According to a report of the night, a dispatcher took an emergency call after 4am last Sunday morning. They stated that Duddles was “extremely intoxicated” and wasn’t sure how the woman had got there but she was “snoring like a train”.

When the Waukesha Police Department went out to assess the situation, they woke up the woman and found her to have sleep apnea but was otherwise fine.

Considering the woman hadn’t commit a legitimate crime other than the one against Duddle’s eardrums, there was nothing they could do. Also, he had let her in.

That’s one serious attempt at getting rid of overnight company…

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