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Man calls police after neighbour sticks up 'creepy' picture of Cliff Richard

“I woke up and he had stuck a picture in his window of a face of Cliff Richard, looking down at us.”

CLIFF RICHARD – singer, actor, darling of grannies worldwide, weapon of torture?

A British man called the police after his neighbour stuck a giant picture of a grinning Cliff Richard in a window that overlooked his dining room.

James Maltby of Brighton told police he thought the picture was “creepy”, and that he believed his neighbour, James Dean, put it up as revenge for Maltby reporting him to the council over a breach in planning rules.

Maltby told local newspaper The Argus:

I woke up and he had stuck a picture in his window of a face of Cliff Richard looking down at us. I called the police and they said there was nothing they could do about it.
They said if it was a picture of a zombie they could do something about it, but because it is a picture of a face they cannot. It is a creepy image. I think he’s trying to send us a message saying he knows it is us.

Mr Dean said he was “surprised” at the reaction, saying the picture was put up by his friend as a “comical greeting”. He denies breaking any planning rules, but has since taken the offending image down.

Hey, lads – keep Sir Cliff out of your petty squabbles. All right?

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