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Man finds face of Jesus on rusting air conditioning unit

We take a look at some other Jesus sightings… no, really.

CHRISTOPHER GOLDSBERRY HAS found Jesus. Or, a rusting air-con unit that resembles him, somewhat.

Goldsberry bought the unit for just over €7 from a friend and was taken aback when he noticed that yo, it was Jesus.

Jesus1 Source: WLOX

Speaking to WLOX-13, the Mississippian said:

When I saw that, I knew who that was immediately. The gentleman I purchased it from didn’t see any of it. Think about it. They don’t recognize what it is. Some people see it, some people don’t. Think about that.

Oh. We have.

Jesus2 Source: WLOX

It’s not the first time Jesus has appeared on everyday objects though.

Things like this Kit Kat

jesus1 Source: commeredecomblog

An iron

Iron Jesus Source: Wordpress

A gross shower

SAVjZFpCRom3hepy7A2Xuj8vo1_400 Source: Tumblr

Orange you glad you find this weird?


And finally, this guy’s cousin

My cousin looks like Jesus. And it's awesome. - Imgur Source: Imgur

This guy eating pizza at the gym is your spiritual soulmate>

Sulo and his bears have the friendship you wish you had>

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