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Well this is certainly one way of finding a new year romance

Are you a hot brunette that likes landscapers? Get yourself to Waterloo.

THIS GUY, EVERYBODY. It’s a new year which means new beginnings, preferably with a hot brunette on your arm.

Film-maker Marcus Markou spotted this ‘proactive’ romantic outside of Waterloo station in London. The man, who we can only assume is named Gerald, is looking for ‘dates and romance’ and isn’t about to be subtle about it.

But there’s a catch. Some may say Gerald looks a bit desperate, but he has certain standards. Applicants MUST like dogs and landscapers, and be brunette, obviously.

waterloo1 Source: Marcus Markou

waterloo2 Source: Marcus Markou


Many people were totally on board


But there was one vital flaw in his plan



Not to mention, one massive demographic were left sorely disappointed


Gerald, you heart-breaker

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