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Man rings 999 to report a fight - in Eastenders

Police in England have revealed some of the most pointless phone calls made to 999 in the past month – including a woman who wanted them to give her number to Mark Wahlberg…

Eastenders cast members at the National Television Awards in London last year
Eastenders cast members at the National Television Awards in London last year
Image: Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images

A MAN RANG the police last month to report a fight between two Eastenders characters, police in England have revealed.

In another strange call to 999, a woman dialled the emergency number and asked operators to pass her phone number on to Mark Wahlberg.

Police in England have released details of some of most pointless phone calls they received in December, as part of a push to encourage people not to abuse the 999 emergency number.

West Yorkshire Police said that some people dial 999 to ask for the time, to sing to operators, or to play music down the line.

The police released a recording of the phone call to report the Eastenders fight. The caller made the call on 17 December last, although the episode he refers to was broadcast in 2009.

The man describes how character Stacey Slater hit Archie Mitchell and asks “Is that a crime?”

In the phonecall, the operator asks “Do they need an ambulance?” to which the man replies “They will do, yeah”.

A spokesperson said that although they had been prepared for a high volume of calls during December, the number of time-wasting calls was problematic.

“Although we have plans in place to manage [busy time], officers should not be wasting time dealing with inappropriate calls instead of genuine emergencies,” said Mark Milsom, Assistant Chief Constable for Specialist Operations with West Yorkshire Police.

Police in England have encouraged people to dial 101 instead, a recently-introduced number which deals with non-emergency phone calls.

It probably still couldn’t help with getting Mark Wahlberg’s number though.

Listen to the phone call reporting the Eastenders fight here >

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