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The only problem for Harry Bruder was that 'connecting and sharing' was a violation of a restraining order.
Not Networking

Man sends Facebook friend request to wife, gets arrested

Ask to be a Friend isn’t, apparently, all that friendly.

FACEBOOK’S MISSION might be to help people ‘connect and share’ with others in their lives – but that’s little consolation for one Florida man, who has been arrested for sending a friend request to his wife on the site.

Harry Bruder, 54, tried to add his wife as a friend on the social networking site – but his action was found to be a violation of a domestic violence injunction which prevents him from making contact with her. His wife, Carole, left him two years ago.

Bruder is now in jail, being unable to come up with the $5,000 needed to make his bond, according to

He has also admitted to changing the password on his wife’s Yahoo! email account, which he said he did in frustration at a judge’s order that he attend counselling sessions as a result of the injunction.

“Yeah, I did it,” Bruder told police, conceding that the friend requests were “stupid” and acknowledging that he should not have sent them.

He had previously written on his Facebook, in reference to his restraining order, that “today my future x wife thinks she won but the real winner is me for i know the truth she is nothing but a lying emotionally disturbed woman who needs help to handle previous abusive relationship” [sic].