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A rake of police had to rescue a man who got stuck in a basketball net
Darwin Award Recipient, 2015.

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LAST FRIDAY EVENING, police were called to a basketball court in Seattle to free a man who had gotten himself stuck upside down in a basketball net.

Did we mention that he had a hammer as well, for some reason? Because he had a hammer.


In this video from local news station KOMO, the man can be seen hanging from his feet from the hoop, writhing and generally being a nuisance to the many, many police who appeared on scene to help him.

So. Many. Police.

KOMO News / YouTube

Despite all those police, KOMO reports that it took ten minutes and two firefighters to free the man.

Seattle Police aren’t above cracking jokes about the situation though:

We have so many questions:

  1. Why did he climb up into the hoop?
  2. Why is he flailing and thrashing so hard?
  3. How come he brought a hammer?

Please let us know, Hoop Man.

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