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Passengers use collective strength to push train off trapped man

These people = heroes.

A MAN IN Perth who became trapped after his leg was wedged between the platform and the train was freed after his fellow passengers came together and harnessed their collective strength to push the train off him.

The incident occurred at Stirling Station in Perth on Wednesday afternoon when the man was getting on the train.

Staff and passengers then came together to push the train and tilt it backwards in order to rescue the man.

Look at them go.

dlBNAdC Source: Imgur

The effort required two big pushes before the man was able to free himself. Ambulance services were called to the scene, but he was uninjured.

Take a gander at security footage below:

Source: ABC News (Australia)/YouTube

It’s like Salt-n-Pepa always said. When a man gets trapped between a train and a platform, you’ve gotta just…

Tumblr_mc2lfx6djp1qcvaxho1_r3_500 Source: Vampire Diaries/Wikia

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