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Maniac 2000 was blasted out at Electric Picnic last night and everyone lost it

Put your hands up in the air.

markmccabe Source: 2FM/Twitter

IT WAS WHAT so many had been waiting for at Electric Picnic.

The iconic Maniac 2000 was belted out by Mark McCabe - and it went down pretty well with the Stradbally crowd:

Tweet by @Marie-Claire Whelan Source: Marie-Claire Whelan/Twitter

If the clip doesn’t play, watch it in full here.


Tweet by @Electric Ireland Source: Electric Ireland/Twitter

If the clip doesn’t play, watch it in full here.

Needless to say, the crowd went mad for it

Tweet by @Kate McEvoy Source: Kate McEvoy/Twitter

Some people had been waiting for this exact moment

Tweet by @Regina Looby Source: Regina Looby/Twitter

Pure nostalgia

Tweet by @Shawnah Source: Shawnah/Twitter

Those watching at home had a slightly less positive review though

Tweet by @angelamalone Source: angelamalone/Twitter

The RTÉ coverage didn’t have the best sound apparently

Tweet by @beckaϟ Source: beckaϟ/Twitter

But for those there, they were loving it

maniacgif Source: Instagram

The sheer noise of it all

Tweet by @RAY SHAH Source: RAY SHAH/Twitter

Like Maniac 2000 wasn’t going to go down well

markmccabe2 Source: Instagram

This video on Facebook shows the full song – and the crowd absolutely loving it.

Preach it

Tweet by @Amy Morgan Source: Amy Morgan/Twitter

It went down so well, McCabe came back for seconds

Tweet by @The Iron Yuppie Source: The Iron Yuppie/Twitter

Yeah yeah, funky yeah.

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