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# bit posh
Someone is leaving fake product labels in a Dublin Marks and Spencer
Swan chunks, anyone?

grassrootsgroundswell grassrootsgroundswell

JUST BROWSING THE shelves at Marks and Spencer in Dublin’s Jervis Street shopping centre, looking at all the posh delicacies…

… wait a minute…

Seán Earley Seán Earley

Yes, it appears that someone is leaving fake labels for unimaginably posh products (and/or endangered species) on the shelves.

Seán Earley Seán Earley

Either this person is very bored, or they just feel like M&S aren’t offering the range they deserve.

Seán Earley Seán Earley

HATE that, when they’re sold out of swan chunks.

If anyone has any answers to this mystery, email

thanks Seán Earley!

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