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Celebrity Mastermind Rick O'Shea got 17 of these 21 questions right. How would you have done? TV3
Question Time

How would you do in the Mastermind chair? The answers

Celebrity Mastermind Rick O’Shea got 17 of these 21 questions right. How would you have done?

RIGHT, so how do you think you did? No cheating now…

The answers to each of the 21 questions that Rick O’Shea was faced with are below. Rick got 17.




  1. What everyday item, used as a portable rain shelter, was also the title of a 2007 worldwide hit for pop singer Rihanna? Umbrella
  2. What is the current name of the Indian city formerly known as Bombay? Mumbai
  3. In which sport do teams compete for the Calcutta Cup? Rugby union
  4. Table salt has two chemical elements. Chlorine is one, what is the other? Sodium
  5. A silver anniversary represents how many years of marriage? 25
  6. Name the character played by Ronnie Barker in the BBC sitcom ‘Porridge’. Fletcher
  7. Which famous writer initially published her work under the alias ‘Ellis Bell’? Emily Bronte
  8. What substance, found in the fourth stomach of a young calf, has milk-curdling properties and is also used in the production of cheese? Rennet
  9. Which Irish county has both a North Riding and a South Riding? Tipperary
  10. What is the profession of the fictional character Sweeney Todd? Barber
  11. In Greek Mythology, what did Prometheus steal from Zeus to give to mankind? Fire
  12. How many faces does a dodecahedron have? 12
  13. Which County Tyrone-born singer wrote the theme tune for the TV sitcom ‘Father Ted’? Neil Hannon (of The Divine Comedy)
  14. The wreck of which famous Irish ship was pinpointed deep in the north Atlantic in September in 1985? RMS Titanic
  15. In which holiday camps are the entertainers known as ‘Redcoats’? Butlin’s
  16. What is the surname of the four acting brothers Alec, William, Stephen and Daniel? Baldwin
  17. From which French region does the Chablis wine come? Burgundy
  18. What feast day do Americans traditionally celebrate on the fourth Thursday of November every year? Thanksgiving
  19. Which Irish poet was one of the founders of the Abbey Theatre in Dublin? W.B. Yeats
  20. What is the capital city of Spain? Madrid
  21. If a car displays the initials CH, what country is it from? Switzerland

Watch: The finale of Ireland’s Celebrity Mastermind (TV3)

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