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Here's why the real villain of today's Maths Paper 2 was a woman named Joan

Leaving Cert students have no love for Joan.

golf Source: Flickr

TODAY, LEAVING CERT students were forced to sit both Maths Paper 2 and Irish Paper 1.

In the same day.

It’s cruel, really.

Fortunately for the State Examinations Commission, students sitting the higher level Leaving Cert Maths paper found someone else to direct their anger towards.

Specifically, a woman named Joan.

Question 9 on the Higher Level exam was a trigonometry question about the golfing adventures of a woman named Joan.

maths Source: State Examinations Commission

If you haven’t studied maths for a while, it basically reads like gobbledygook.

maths2 Source: State Examinations Commission

Far from being tickled by Joan’s golfing mishaps, students railed against her and ridiculed her golfing skills.

Just give it up, Joan.

You’re going nowhere.

Seriously, you’re really bad.

We’re not saying we’re any good, but we can clearly see you’re terrible.

So just put us out of our misery and quit already.

It’s for your own good.

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