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Big Mac

McDonald's forced to deny it's getting rid of Big Mac after hoax article goes viral

Rumours of its demise have been greatly exaggerated.

MCDONALD’S HAS BEEN forced to deny that it is removing the Big Mac from its menus after a hoax article went viral in recent days.

Last week, a satire website by the name of published an article in which it stated that the fast food chain was getting rid of their trademark burger.

They even composed a fake tweet and included it in the article.


They also included this rather ominous send-off to the burger.

bigmac-cropped DailyBuzzLive DailyBuzzLive

The article soon went viral and has been liked 115,000 times on Facebook.

Concerned fans asked McDonald’s if the rumours could possibly be true and the restaurant confirmed that the story was entirely fictional.


Don’t play with our hearts like that again, internet.

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