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# Not Lovin' It
McDonald's in the US has made a super patriotic ad and it's getting ridiculed
“Do you want extra controversy with that?”

DURING SUNDAY NIGHT’S Golden Globes, McDonald’s aired a brand new commercial in the States that was designed to tap into the company’s links with local communities.

It seems to have backfired.

The advertisement – called ‘Signs’ – shows still images of McDonald’s restaurants from around the country and the various signs that have been displayed outside them. Sounds harmless enough, right? Apparently not.

Watch the ad for yourself here:

McDonald's / YouTube

The response online was overwhelmingly negative:

The commercial is being accused of of being “tone deaf” by The Washington Post:

The overarching message in the ad gives the impression that McDonald’s is some kind of exemplary model of corporate kindness. Which is great and all, except for the fact that many people associate McDonald’s with just the opposite.

It even sparked a parody ad within hours of its airing. That’s creating a marketing buzz, right?

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