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Family honour their beloved grandad with a beautiful message in a bottle

They’re hoping everyone who finds it will send it on its journey again. :’(

THIS HAS TO be one of the most beautiful ways of honouring a deceased loved one we’ve ever seen.

It starts with a message in a bottle. Reddit user Not_A_Ninja said his friends were fishing off the coast of California when they discovered this large bottle wrapped in netting.

Hi Melvin's family, I was fishing down by ... Source: Facebook

They opened it expecting to find a weathered old piece of paper, but the note inside was just 11 days old – and completely heartbreaking.

nlXws5B Source: Imgur

It reads:

My name is Mel. I had three beautiful kids and a beautiful wife of almost 54 years when I passed. I love the ocean, deep sea fishing, abalone hunting with my two sons and visiting the tide pools with the whole family.
Today, my family is laying me to rest in a place that I love… the ocean. So, this starts my journey… If you find this message in a bottle please go to my Facebook page – Melvin’s Journey – post a pic of yourself and where you found me and send me back on my journey.

Sure enough, they found a Facebook page dedicated to Melvin, with details of his adventure so far.


The finders sealed up the bottle again and threw it back out to sea. ”Best wishes to Melvin and his family,” they wrote on Imgur. “May he rest in peace and continue his journey.”

Melvin’s family responded:

Thank you so much for participating. Definitely warms our hearts and made our day… We hope everyone is as kind as you!


Who knows where Melvin will end up next? (And who has been chopping onions?)

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