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12 memories of ALT everyone who was ever there will instantly recognise

Anyone heading to Gossip…?

ALT NIGHTCLUB AKA Andrews Lane Theatre has taken many forms since it opened.

o Source: Yelp

We’re focusing on the new era from 2010 – 2013. Because we miss it SO MUCH. If you were a regular, you’ll remember…

1. There were constant queues on Thursdays

375885_10151132700418812_1894964884_n Source: Facebook

Or, any night for that matter. The bouncers were super picky so the queue moved slow enough for optimal craic to be had pre-entry.

2. The club nights

There were so many that changed so often it was hard to keep up. Were you a 212 fan, a War regular? Or were you there each Wednesday for FOMO? Did Gossip or Overtime take you? Nah, it had to be Party Animal on a Thursday.

Back in the day, Phantom even held regular Phantom Anthem club nights.

2546_phantom_firstfriday_3-apr_113x160_dstar_260309 Source: andrewslanetheatre

3. The mad artwork

Did they just hire someone to graffiti the place? Nah, it was all the work of Maser.

alt4-1 Source: Facebook

4. The podium in the middle of the dancefloor was the first port of call

1002962_10151671095923812_1282323284_n Source: Facebook

Out of my way, bitches.

5. It was almost completely exclusively  students

o Source: Yelp

Wasn’t it free in until 1am on the weekdays with whopper drinks deals? Where else would they be going?

6. The massive blow up animals

Who could forget the massive dinosaurs and gorilla they set up for Party Animal? Constant hugs were in order.

66292_139615706084033_2016400_n Source: Facebook

7. It was a privilege to be sprayed in the mouth the the vodka guns

$_35 Source: Ebay

You only followed the gun operators around until they agreed to give you a bit of the nasty concoction.

8. Drinks deals were outta hand

Bottle of Prosecco for a tenner? Giz. Rare was the night where you wouldn’t get some neon shot for next to nothing.

9. The picnic benches on the dancefloor were a constant source of confusion

Why are they here? Can we dance on them? Where are they gone now?

Rectangle_picnic_table_no_background Source: Chicken-houses

10. The stairs to the toilets were a death trap

Break your face in those heels, any one?

11. You often left covered in glitter or paint

new-alt Source: andrewslanetheatre

The best thing about ALT is that no one cared what they looked like, it was one big mess of colour.

12. The smoking area was a test

Once you’d shuffled out the front door it was all about avoiding the cars from the carpark behind the club mowing you down in one swift movement.


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