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14 memories of The Forum in Waterford everyone who was ever there will recognise

It may now be a bingo hall, but we’ll always remember our Saturday nights there.


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THE FORUM WAS once the biggest venue in Waterford, playing host to countless musicians and comedians over the years.

It was also home to one of the top nightclubs in the city before winding down last year.

The Forum may now just be a bingo hall — a bingo hall that Woody Harrelson has played in, no less — but our memories of Saturday nights there live on. Like…

1. First of all, it was an absolute trek to get to

forum Google Maps Google Maps

Particularly if you started off the evening in Geoffs.

So many hills, so much stopping for “a rest” because someone’s heels were killing them.

2. But it was totally worth it if you didn’t fancy going to Escape or Electric Avenue

IMGP0583_large ratemyarea ratemyarea

God forbid.

3. The bouncers didn’t take any nonsense

giphy (11) fallontonightgifs / Tumblr fallontonightgifs / Tumblr / Tumblr

Reader, I once didn’t get in because I was 17 and my lip started quivering in the bouncer’s face. “But I’m 23. I never carry an ID because this never happens to me,” I wept, despite the fact that I (a) was not 23 and (b) looked 14.

The bouncer was not moved by my tragic tale and my Mam came to pick me up a short while later.

*smallest violin starts playing*

4. But if you did manage to get in, the world was your oyster

A_UBVkzCEAAXmW2 SmashHits90s / Twitter SmashHits90s / Twitter / Twitter

Before you knew it, you were bouncing between the bar, the stage and the smoking area.

5. If it was a Saturday night, chances are that Traffik was on

forum_nightclub_large Rate My Area Rate My Area

The Munster Express once referred to Traffik as “The Forum’s super cool indie club” so you almost certainly danced to I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor at some point.

6. Your night was absolutely made if a local band like Torann, Swamp Stompers or Shane Barry and The Distractions were performing

10561824_670541093034436_5120747408758464253_n Torann / Facebook Torann / Facebook / Facebook

7. But really, you’d settle for moshing to something like Killing In The Name Of at the end of the night


*flings body around*

8. You had to go downstairs to the smoking area and it was essentially a bunker

bunker Flickr *Not actual photo. Flickr

One regular of The Forum recalled it as being “like something you’d see in the first pub opened after the apocalypse”.


9. It did have weird murals, though

Is it a demented face? Is it just loads of swirls? Who knows.


10. Every so often someone very famous would perform in The Forum and it would be the talk of the town

Like when Calvin Harris played in 2010. As in, Calvin Harris, who now dates Taylor Swift and is one of the highest-paid DJs in the world.

Calvin Harris <3 Waterford.

What a difference five years makes, eh?

calvinharris YouTube YouTube

11. There wasn’t really any dress code

But Converse were definitely the preferred footwear.

covn Flickr Flickr

12. The nights The Forum really came to life? Spraoi, Halloween and New Year’s Eve

You usually had to spend at least 30 minutes in the queue while you sobered up/complained about the cold/listened intently as your friends told you to “just stay quiet” and not say anything that might betray your drunkenness.

queues Smash Hits! / YouTube Smash Hits! / YouTube / YouTube

13. When it came to the end of the night, you’d have a wicked hard time trying to get a taxi

wford Google Street View Google Street View

Typically, another big trek down Patrick Street was necessary.

With some “my feet are sore” stops along the way.

14. But if you did stick around, you could get your feed next door

From Tony’s Takeaway. (Or Andy’s, as it’s known now.)




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