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Men get twice as much abuse on Twitter as women

And they’re also the ones behind most of the abuse.

ACCORDING TO A new study, men are on the receiving end of twice as much abuse as women on Twitter, but are also the ones responsible for instigating most of the trolling.

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The research, carried out by think tank DEMOS for The Sunday Times, analysed 2 million messages and found that 1 in 20 messages sent to a prominent male public figure was abusive compared to a figure of 1 in 70 for female public figures.

Female journalists and male politicians fared the worst when it came to trolling, while Piers Morgan is the target of the most abusive messages with 8.4% of the tweets he receives containing not-so-kind comments.

Meanwhile, Niall Horan had to be excluded from the study because he receives far too much love – just 25,000 out of 12.6 million tweets sent his way could be construed as abusive.

Elsewhere, it was found that men are behind most of the trolling online, while both men and women are more likely to be hostile towards members of their own gender.

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