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The 'men and women' guy from VinB last night has previous form on the show

We knew we recognised that face from somewhere.

IN AMONGST ALL the political talk on Vincent Browne’s People’s Debate last night, it was one man who caused all the controversy.

Michael O’Leary had Vincent Browne nearly falling off his chair laughing when he got slightly mixed up during a debate on the Same Sex Marriage referendum and said:

“We want family values, and we don’t want to see men and women getting married. And that’s the holy all of it.”

This, of course, got everyone talking:

But, that wasn’t the first time we have seem him on The People’s Debate with Vincent Browne on TV3. He popped up on the show in November last year, discussing politics in general:

Source: Catherine Lynch/YouTube

He starts out:

I have always taken the fight to politicians and I have never stood back from them. We want a new party – men, decent men, that can stand up for us and carry our policies through. Not the thuggery that’s going on inside in the Dáil.

And following some talk of concentration camps, Vincent asks him “Are you going to stand in the next election?

I’d love to stand but I have no money!

Well, there you go now.

h/t @MadDurdu

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