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Men: here's why you should get over your fear of 'girly drinks'


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WE’VE ALL BEEN out and heard people disparagingly refer to certain drinks as “girly drinks”.

The term “girly drink” typically refers to cocktails and has been known to put the fear of God into some men.

Indeed, some perceive the mere act of holding a “girly drink” as being a threat to their masculinity.


Men: here’s why you need to get over it.

First of all, the term “girly drink” is misleading

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It implies that women can only handle sweet alcoholic drinks and ignores the fact that many women drink beer/whiskey/other “manly” drinks.

There is no such thing as drinks “for men” and drinks “for women”.

Alcohol is for everybody. 

Sipping a fruity cocktail won’t cause your penis to fall off

Don’t worry — you’ll still be a man, regardless of whether or not you drink Hard Man™ Lager or sip on a Sex on the Beach.

Have we mentioned that cocktails are unreal?


Once you have one, we promise you’ll experience an epiphany

Like these guys…

Treat yo’ self.

Also, they’re quite strong

It’s literally a glass of strong spirits mixed together!

Ain’t nothing weak about that.

In conclusion,

Want to drink a beer? Drink one. Fancy a margarita? Go for it.

Forget this myth that some drinks are” manly” while others are “girly”.

Just do you.

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