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Men worse for the planet's environment than women

Research in Europe finds that women emit less carbon than men, making them the greener sex.

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WOMEN ARE THE greener sex with men responsible for more carbon emissions than their female counterparts according to two separate studies.

European scientists who analysed statistical data on the consumption and daily activities of males and females in some industrialised countries found that ultimately men are worse for the planet than women when it comes to carbon emissions.

The latest report entitled ’24 Hours Exactly: Your Personal Carbon Account’ was based on a study of human activities by France’s National Institute of Statistics and Economics (INSEE).

It found that a typical French woman caused carbon emissions of 32.3 kilogrammes compared to a man who emitted 39.3 kilogrammes of carbon per day.

The author of the report, Frédéric Chomé, told Tierramérica news agency:

Although our calculation method is very approximate, I believe the result is a good indicator of the differences in environmental contamination resulting from the different behavior of men and women.

The report backs up similar findings by researchers in Scandinavia who produced a report from the study of 10 daily activities of people in Germany, Sweden, Greece and Norway.

It indicated that men consumed more meat and processed beverages, and used cars more frequently and for longer distances than woman did.

Previous research has shown that women also tend to be better for the environment when it comes to attitudes and preferences.

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