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Guys ordering #meninist tshirts are getting a REALLY rough time

Harsh words. But fair?

YOU’VE HEARD OF feminism right?

Well now, here comes meminism.

It’s a movement which appears to satirise feminism,  by taking a (sometimes) tongue-in-cheek approach to ‘equality for men’, with the hashtag #MeninistTwitter throwing up things like:

Advocates of meninism (or menimism) point out the double standards that exist in male and female relationships:

Late last year vlogger Kat Blaque published this response to the movement, pointing out that meninist tweets are almost all related to sexual or relationship issues:

Source: Kat Blaque/YouTube via Buzzfeed

The @MeninstTweet account (which claims to satirise modern feminism) is now selling a #meninism tshirt, which has been popping into customers letterboxes.

The response has been cutting, to say the least.


What’s your view? Are these words simply harsh? Harsh but fair? Or just fair? Let us know in the comments…

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