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The Rubberbandits on mental health in Ireland really struck a chord

Blindboy Boatclub showed them.

LAST NIGHT, DES Bishop hosted an election special.

Special guest Blindboy from the Rubberbandits made an appearance, and his brief chat about mental health stole the show.

He explains that Gerry Adams came to him in his sleep, disgused as a dog, to talk about mental health funds.

Yeah, and it just gets weirder.

Blindboy then talks about how our culture was too reliant on the Catholic church as a way of opening up in confession, which is exactly why we don’t feel guilty going to the dentist it’s not a sin, when we do opening up to a therapist.

The confessional box still dictates our attitudes towards opening up. In confession we privately express ourselves in terms of sin, in a wooden box, to a person who is essentially a magician. Accept your punishment or penance, and be forgiven.

We still punish ourselves, especially young men.

But the message itself, that there is not enough being done about mental health in this country, was heard loud and clear

As one commenter so elegantly put it…


The reaction was a universal thumbs up

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