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Meryl Streep is in trouble after she wore a t-shirt and offended just about everyone

Oh dear.

Japan Into the Woods Source: Shizuo Kambayashi

MERYL STREEP is picking up a lot of flack on Twitter for a t-shirt she wore on the cover of Time Out London.

This t-shirt, to be precise.

I'm so honored to have shot #merylstreep gracing the cover of this weeks #timeoutlondon. Out on stands today. #suffragette Source: maryrozzi

As you can see, it reads, “I’d rather be a rebel than a slave,” a quote from British suffragette activist Emmeline Pankhurst, whom Streep portrays in the forthcoming film Suffragette.

Carey Mulligan also wore one.

#careymulligan cover star of this weeks @timeoutlondon. #suffragette Source: maryrozzi

The slogan has not sat well with many people, however, with many critical of the actress’ decision to wear a shirt with the word “slave” printed on it.

While others have been quick to point out that the suffragette movement wasn’t particularly welcoming to women of colour, making the “slave” reference all the more troubling.

Others, however, have defended the shirt, saying that the quote is in context.

The whole kerfuffle comes just days after Streep refused to describe herself as a feminist in an interview. Speaking to Time Out London, Streep declined to use the f-word and instead called herself a “humanist”.

I am a humanist, I am for nice easy balance.

Neither Streep nor Time Out London have commented on the t-shirt controversy.

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