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This teen sent her astronaut dad a desert message he could see from space
Advertising done right.

WHEN IT COMES to space, you better go hard or go home.

Stephaine from Houston, Texas, wanted to write a message for her dad to let him know she loves him. The only problem? He’s in space.

No bother to Hyundai, who put this excellent marketing stunt together using 11 sedans and Nevada’s Delamar Dry Lake as a canvas. They were almost able to replicate the 13-year-old’s handwriting in the sand using sat navs, and even made it big enough so it could be seen from space

Look at it!


What’s more, Guinness have called it the world’s largest tire track image after it was made back in January.

HyundaiWorldwide / YouTube

Many have questioned the authenticity of the stunt, as the astronaut isn’t named and some footage looks to be too polished.

But rest assured, the drawing is very real, and the astronaut was found by ABC to be Terry W Virts, who tweeted a photo of us last winter.

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