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Metallica rocked Glastonbury with Whiskey in the Jar and everyone lost it

Whack for my daddy-o, There’s whiskey in the jar-o.

LIKE THE DUBLINERS before them, Thin Lizzy knew how to rock Whiskey in the Jar. In fact, the Irish trad tune has almost become synonymous with the rock legends.

But then came Metallica, storming in like a wrecking ball. They gave a heavier sound to the song in the late 90s. So, what better song to play in their Glastonbury encore?

Source: THELASTENV3Y/YouTube

Donโ€™t miss the rocking kids. Legends.



Twitter went mad, with the song trending last night during the broadcast.

Some people took it too far

And of course, someone always has to bring Bono into it

Eminemโ€™s daughter just graduated, and youโ€™re so old>

Heading to Arcade Fire tomorrow? Their Glastonbury set had Ireland divided>

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