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# up on his bikeldee
21 reasons to cuddle Michael D Higgins
Happy birthday, Michael D!

Here’s our President, Michael D Higgins.

Enjoying a bit of breakfast.

It’s his birthday! He’s 72 today, and still going strong (other than a bit of a gammy knee).
So we’ve compiled this list of reasons why he’s our most adorable president yet.

1. He’s a dashing international jet-setter

OK, train-setter.

2. He gives great hugs

Basically him being president means he’s hugging all of us, all the time.

3. He’s a man of the people

(Even the guy on the right.)

4. But especially the ladies

5. In fact, he’s a bit of an all-round heartthrob

Michael D and the way he might look at you.

6. No woman is safe from his charms

7. Sometimes he just loses the run of himself altogether

8. I mean come on – he has his own SONG

By the SAW DOCTORS fer Chrissakes.

All together now: “Michael D Michael D, Up on his bikeldee…”


9. He sensibly wears a vest under his shirt, so he won’t catch cold

And he’s not afraid of statement eyewear.

10. He’s BFFs with Martin Sheen

“Get me Michael D on the secure phone, NOW.” (

11. And early-90s Tom Cruise is his hair inspiration

12. But it’s not all megastars for Michael. He’ll also share his match programme with the less fortunate

©INPHO/Mike Shaughnessy

13. He trashed Martin McGuinness in this thumb war (just out of shot)

14. But he’s not afraid of bigger men

YouTube/Dtwo Harcourt

15. Maybe because he’s a bit of an athlete himself

Source YouTube/rte

16. And he doesn’t let a psyche-out from his rivals get to him

17. Even if sometimes it’s just like ‘I cannot deal right now’

18. Did we mention he tells a great ghost story?

19. Basically, he’s probably the most adorable president ever

20. And that’s before we even get to this

“Michael T Higgins”.


21. Happy birthday, Michael D!

All images Photocall Ireland! and Press Association except where noted. H/T to Darragh Doyle.

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