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Middletons accused of cashing in on daughter's wedding
Kate’s parents are accused of trying to cash in on their daughter’s wedding as their website flogs a special Street Party kit. But what do you think?

THE PARENTS of Kate Middleton have been accused of cashing in on their daughter’s wedding, after their website promoted a special “Street Party Kit” this week.

Carole and Michael Middleton – who run a successful online business selling party paraphenalia – are expected to contribute £100,000 towards the cost of their daugther’s wedding to Prince William on Friday.

But their hopes of recouping some of the outlay may have been dashed, after they had to take the offending page down by this morning, following complaints in some newspapers.

The special promotion on Union Jack bunting and windmills was framed as an opportunity for people to throw a street party to “celebrate the arrival of Spring” – despite it already being the end of April.

The Middletons were previously criticised in February after launching a new “gaudy” British Street Party range of paper plates, platters, bowls and napkins emblazoned with crowns, crests and coats of arms.

They’ve also had to ditch some royal-themed scratchcards.

What do you think – is this crude profiteering, or good commercial sense?

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Good commercial sense (458)
Crude profiteering (139)