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16 photos that will make you feel inexplicably uncomfortable

It’s time to get angry.

THESE THINGS WILL bother you, probably a lot more than they should.

1. This deeply unsatisfying gif


2. This floor, which alights a fire of rage within us all

a9oySmN Source: Imgur

3. Or this one, we can’t even look at without welling up

GAxO9Ot Source: Imgur

4. Jesus, no

Yiq56lf Source: Imgur

5. Why? Why would you bring this into the world

F5CFKc0 Source: Imgur

6. There are guidelines RIGHT THERE

f0i9ziF Source: Imgur

7. Return it. Go without

ZUDnX Source: Imgur

8. * Openly sobs*

YPowBBn Source: Imgur

9. What did you do to deserve this unjust fate?

6WA7DMa Source: Imgur

10. Fire them. Fire them immediately


11. Evidence that a troll has come by

07UlEDn Source: Imgur

12. Itching. We’re itching

FGVEHRV Source: Imgur

13. Burn this world, starting with this fridge

FZYvg5a Source: Imgur

14. So unfair

3oJXa Source: Imgur

15. Pure evil at work

NJXkJ Source: Imgur

16. A tough choice, no one should ever have to make

6Yde3lu Source: Imgur

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