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Was this butcher's 'chicken breasts' sign written by a teenage boy?

It certainly reads like it.

FARRELLYS BUTCHERS IN Delgany have a questionable choice of sign-writer.

Or at least it seems that way based on this sign, spotted by a reader and sent to us.

Read to the end.


Click here to enlarge.

These fillets aren’t some illusionary Wonderbra breasts that look smaller when unwrapped.
These fillets are our largest size, however here at Farrellys of Delgany we like natural breasts–no filler pumped in–so these are more Miriam O’Callaghan than Jordan!
All these fillets are as Irish as a slap from a flame haired cailin at a Barn Dance after you’ve had too many scoops!

So now.

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