Source: Missguided

Missguided has a new 'jeans and a nice top' section, delighting gals everywhere

We’re one step closer to actually finding a ‘nice top’.

GETTING DRESSED: IT can be a minefield. Should you go dressy or casual? What’s everyone else wearing?

Inevitably, the answer is always ‘jeans and a nice top’. It’s an outfit that every woman can fall back on, and it hardly ever steers you wrong.

However, it’s sometimes very difficult to find the right ‘nice top’, and we could use a bit of help from retailers. Like say… a dedicated section?

Source: Missguided

And would you look, Missguided have done just that. The clothing website now features a special section for ‘going out tops to wear with jeans’, and huns are rejoicing.

Now while their idea of a ‘nice top’ may not be your thing (we’re talking visible bras and lots of navel) we simply must commend them for giving the gals what they want:

They’re not the only ones cottoning on, however – Oasis also has a ‘jeans and a nice top’ section where you can dial up and down the occasion from ‘popping out’ to ‘going out’ to ‘going Out Out’. A very important distinction.

Source: Oasis

More of this please lads. (And maybe a nice, opaque, full-length top with sleeves? Just a thought.)

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