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Missing toddler found inside claw machine

LEGEND. Bold, but a legend.

FIRST THINGS FIRST, this little guy is our hero.

A three-year-old boy, nay, legend, saw what he wanted and went for it. Unfortunately, what Kael Ireland wanted was a toy from inside a claw machine, and he went for it by escaping from his Lincoln, Nebraska home and climbing up into the mechanism.

BlR4ytOIQAAEPJd Source: Wowt

The tot’s mother noticed he was gone and immediately called 911, realising that her son had made a run for it through an unlocked door while she was in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, according to WOWT.com, a customer alerted employees at the nearby Madsen’s Bowling and Billards that a kid was inside one of the cuddly toy claw machines.

“He was just having fun in there. I don’t think he wanted to get out” said one employee, who believes the kid crawled through the prize exit.

boymissingclawSource: ketv

The alley called the police, who put two and two together. There were no injuries as he was removed by typical means rather than a claw dip. Police were also satisfied that his mother had acted quickly when she discovered he was missing so wasn't cited with neglect.

It certainly wasn't the first time it happened and it won't be the last.

Source: Spinolio/YouTube

What's better, according to KETV, he got to keep one of his new toys. Happy days all round.


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