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'Mom bod' is the internet's brilliant response to the 'dad bod' phenomenon

We ALL have bodies.

RECENTLY THE INTERNET has been awash with talk of the dad bod. Namely:

dadbod-630x477 Source: TheOdyssey

That specific type of guy’s body who is not fit or unfit – but might carry a little extra weight – is essentially the definition.

But what about mom bod? Is that a thing?

Yes, it’s now here as a direct response to the dadbod.

This hilarious video from Fusion sums up how the mom bod really belongs to “most women who ate this year”

mombod10 Source: Twitter

The desire for a mom bod is everywhere

But what does it actually involve?

Well, those 80s jeans are a fine accessory to the mom bod

Also, a complete acceptance of this fact

And the real possibility that you might have one more than your actual mam

And finally, the mom bod allows you to absolutely rock your body no matter its shape or size

It’s the internet trend we’ve all been waiting for.

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