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On strike

Pictures: Mother goes on cleaning strike, doesn't tell kids

The kids took their lunch to school in dog poo bags before they finally cracked.

SHE STARTED OFF by posting this on the internet:

But Jessica Stillwell’s 12-year-old twin daughters and their 10 year old sister didn’t get the memo.

On Day One Stillwell sat back and let it all happen:

The dishwasher is overflowing, shoes and backpacks are in the middle of the hallway. Dirty socks, empty gatorade bottles and used kleenex litter the back of my couch. There will be no laundry washed unless its sorted and beside the laundry room, and lunches will be sent in plastic bags if their lunches are not brought to the counter and emptied from the day.

By Day Three:

Olivia took a look at the kitchen after school and announced “this kitchen is disgusting” then walked downstairs. Peyton has said nothing. This surprises me, as she is the self-proclaimed ‘neat freak’ of the small people that live here. Quinn may have hit an all time low (one can hope) when she emptied the dog brush and placed the bundle of hair on the arm of the chair.

On Day Four her daughter Olivia had a breakthrough:

My little love broke down in the kitchen tonight as she was trying to rinse a glass to use and began to cry. Through her sobs she said “I don’t wanna eat out of pooh bags anymore, I don’t want paper plates or beer cups for breakfast. Can you please help me clean up?” I stood silent for a moment and decided to let her in on it.

Day Five, it’s getting desperate:

I found a clean fork today. It was like I had won the freaking lottery.

On Day Six the children caved and turned on each other, realised the error of their ways, and the cleanup began.

Thank God Stillwell managed to document some of the mayhem:

Pictures: Mother goes on cleaning strike, doesn't tell kids
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