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Over the Moone

7 things we learned from chatting with the cast of Moone Boy

Will there be a movie?!

SINCE IT BEGAN airing in 2012, Moone Boy has become one of the most beloved sitcoms on television. With 90s references and woolly, it has burrowed its way into the hearts of people all over Ireland

Fresh from winning Best Sitcom at the British Comedy Awards, the show returns for its third season on March 2nd.

Yesterday, met some of the cast to discuss what’s in store for this season, not quite getting the hang of 90s references and more.

1. Padraic based his character on auld country lads

padraic Sky One / YouTube Sky One / YouTube / YouTube

Anyone who watches Moone Boy likely loves Padraic and his unique quirks. He’s not quite like other kids his own age, so it won’t come as a surprise that actor Ian O’Reilly was inspired by auld country lads when it came to developing the character.

IAN: I based it on older people that you’d know from the countryside. I didn’t base him on people who are, like, fourteen or whatever age he is. I based him moreso on people who are in their sixties or seventies. They’re always the funniest people – in my mind, anyway.

2. Some references went over the boys’ heads


In particular, any and all references from season two’s Italia ’90 episode. As David Rawle, who plays Martin Moone, explained:

DAVID: I remember there was some things in the second series of Moone Boy, like Schillaci and Italia ’90, and I was going, ‘What is this?’

After reading the word “Schillaci” in the script, Rawle joked that he wondered if it was a type of pasta.


(They did both profess a fondness for Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer, so we’ll leave them off.)

3. What’s the biggest difference they notice between present day and the 90s?

mooneboy shellybuttface / Tumblr shellybuttface / Tumblr / Tumblr

As Ian O’Reilly explained, the primary difference is technology.

IAN: There’s a lot less social networking, which I think was way better. People actually had to talk to each other. Half the time now, people are in the same room and they text each other.

The boys are also clear that they think the 1990s are strange.

IAN: Everything is just really weird.

Fair point.

4. As for the adults?

mooneboy3 shellybuttface / Tumblr shellybuttface / Tumblr / Tumblr

Deirdre O’Kane and Peter McDonald also shared their thoughts on the how the show depicts the 1990s.

Peter McDonald noted that the show takes place 25 years ago and is therefore pre-Celtic Tiger.

PETER: On one level, it was a simpler time. It was before all the economic success and that increase in a sense of confidence.

Deirdre O’Kane also stated that the show accurately represents Ireland at a time when it was arguably less prosperous, but noted that everyone was “grand”.

DEIRDRE: They haven’t a penny and I love that, because they’re still happy. They’re grand. Nobody had anything, so it was no big deal. Everyone was in the same boat.

*longs for a more innocent time*

5. Everyone has nothing but love and respect for Chris O’Dowd

chrisodowd pardonmyfranglais / Tumblr pardonmyfranglais / Tumblr / Tumblr

O’Dowd, who directed episodes in the new season, and everyone was full of praise for him.

Seriously, they love him.

PETER: He has an unerring nose for comedy and when something is working.

Like, really.

DEIRDRE: He has a touch of genius, I think.

6. The guest stars this season are a little bit amazing

The first episode stars Sharon Horgan as a yoga-lover, rollerblading entrepreneur. (Both Deirdre O’Kane and Peter McDonald love Catastrophe, BTW. Why aren’t you watching it yet?)

Sir Terry Wogan also stars as the host of a You’ve Been Framed-style show.


7. Finally, a movie could be on the cards…

2013 International Emmy Awards Gala AP / Press Association Images AP / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

But nothing is confirmed.

Chris O’Dowd and co-creator Nick Vincent Murphy appeared via satellite in a post-screening Q&A last night and affirmed that they were interested in exploring the possibility of a movie.

A fourth season hasn’t been totally ruled out either, though. (Although we imagine everyone is very busy.)

For their part, the cast is well up for a film adaptation.

DEIRDRE: I’d love to do it. I think the boys are very keen to do it.
DAVID: Sky are up for it, we’re up for it, Chris is up for it.

As for whether it will happen?

IAN: Maybe it will, maybe it won’t.

Fingers and toes crossed, everybody.

8. Bonus: Chris O’Dowd had the most Irish thing ever happen to him while filming the third season

Clavary filming - Ireland Niall Carson Niall Carson

In the post-screening Q&A, O’Dowd told a story of filming in St. Stephen’s Green while wearing a mini-skirt and fishnet tights. (He was in character, of course.) Just then, a passerby walked past and remarked:

You’ve gone all Hollywood.

Never change, Ireland.

O’Dowd making a US Moone Boy, but how did the Irish version go down stateside? >

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