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Last year
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Peggy Morrissey was driving to safety of son, Marty Morrissey when involved in fatal crash
Peggy Morrissey was driving to stay at a hotel during Storm Barra
All time
# Charming Man
Morrissey accuses The Simpsons of 'hatred' after he is parodied on the show
A singer similar to the Smiths frontman appeared in the show’s latest episode.
Morrissey announces death of his 'beloved' Dublin-born mother
Morrissey had previously asked fans to pray for his mother who was “in trouble”.
# List of the Worst
Morrissey's writing about sex is so bad he was given an award
“The couple rolled together into the one giggling snowball of full-figured copulation.”
# bulbous salutation
Morrissey just sickened the internet with this sex scene from his novel
“Clamourous rollercoaster coil…”
# mozza
Morrissey congratulated Ireland on marriage equality... and then gave out to us
# Morrissey
Channel 4 says it never asked Morrissey to deliver alternative Christmas message
Singer claimed to have ‘politely declined’ the station’s offer.
# Meat is Murder
Morrissey showed a graphic animal abuse video at his Dublin gig and people were traumatised
Oh Morrissey.
# new interview
Morrissey reveals four bouts of cancer treatment
“If I die, I die”.
# happeeeeee
Someone mashed up Pharrell's Happy with Morrissey's miserable new single, and it's genius
I would go out tonight / But I’ve only got this hat to wear…
# tweet is murder
6 surefire ways to make Morrissey lose his cool on Twitter
He’s joined. He’s finally joined!
# quote unquote
Morrisey says he sees 'no difference between eating animals and paedophilia' in new interview
He’s as restrained as ever.
# heaven knows
Can you tell if these Morrissey quotes are real or fake?
Accidental Partridge anyone?
# All smiles
7 things that prove Morrissey isn’t that miserable after all
Heaven knows he’s not that miserable now.
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Top readers' comments of the week
Here’s our roundup of the best, the most popular and the most commented-on pieces from the past week. Did you make it in?
# these charming men
Your Morrissey reunited with our Robbie pic of the day
It appears the duo are now besties, after their second meet-up in as many months.
# This Charming Fan
Robbie: I've been related to Morrissey for 32 years and nobody ever told me
How did this not come up at any of the Keane family dinners over the years?
The Dredge: Christina Aguilera never made 'fat girl' comments
We get our hands mucky with the best of the morning’s dirt.
# Morrissey
Morrissey accuses the Olympics of "blustering jingoism"
The former Smiths frontman wrote a letter to his fanclub saying he can’t watch the Olympics coverage as it is “lethal to witness”.
# Las Malvinas
Morrissey weighs in on Falklands debate
The former Smiths frontman told Argentinian fans that the islands “belong” to them.
# Morrissey
Morrissey vs NME libel case goes to court
Lawyers for the Smiths frontman and solo musician say a 2007 article about Morrissey in the NME was defamatory. The publication and its former editor deny the claims.
Column: Cardinal Rules – On defending Morrissey
This week, the (not) Primate of All Ireland has to play peacekeeper in the terrible row over Morrissey: “an undisputed genius” or “a big mountain of stupid”?
# Morrissey
Morrissey: Norway killings are 'nothing' compared to fast-food meat
The vegetarian singer made the comments at a concert in Warsaw over the weekend.
# Meet is murder
This charming man? Joey Barton really did meet Morrissey at Glasto last night
He was looking for a club and then he found a club. And heaven knows the Newcastle man is miserable now.
# Meat is Murder
Belgian music festival goes veggie for Morrissey
The 10-day Lokerse Feesten festival will serve only meat-free dishes on the day the former Smiths singer performs.