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7 things that prove Morrissey isn’t that miserable after all
Heaven knows he’s not that miserable now.

INDIE MUSIC HERO Morrissey turned 54 this week and we’re sure his legion of fans are celebrating worldwide.

Morrissey is seen as famously outspoken and something of a grump but we reckon he’s not that dour at the back of it.

1. He likes to use a tambourine and be joyful

Look how carefree and delighted he seems to be here:

Chris Pizzello/AP/Press Association Images

2. He loves to take his top off

And isn’t that the sign of someone who is clearly loving life?

faunaandkatie / YouTube

3. He loves to put his hands on his hips

It’s like Morrissey can hear you saying “You seem kind of miserable” and he’s going “No way, girlfriend!”

Suzan/Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment

“Miserable dear, who dear? Me dear? No dear”

Mark Allan/AP/Press Association Images

4. Acting silly with your band is one of his favourite activities

Look at the fun way Morrissey makes his whole band do a slide to one side of the stage at a gig.

Sure, he’s clearly gas craic:

faunaandkatie / YouTube

5. He will put a cat on his head

It is a non stop party when Morrissey is around

via Slicing Up Eyeballs

6. The time he hung out with Rick Astley and it was all smiles

No misery here:

via Pitchfork

7. He has a seriously cool secret handshake

And Jonathan Ross is not in on it:

via Buzzfeed

What a jolly, jolly man.

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