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15 of the most Alan Partridge things to ever happen in real life


WITH HIS INANE Partridge-isms (“Back of the net!”) and penchant for Norwich, it’s probably safe to say that there’s nobody better than Alan Partridge.

Look at him go.

giphy (6) Source: Giphy

There’s also nothing more satisfying than comparing something/someone to Alan Partridge.

With that in mind, here are the most Alan Partridge things to ever happen.

1. This description of “classic sex”

2. This teacher’s comment on a child’s maths homework

3. This aqua-based headline

8sfkf Source: Imgur

4. This pushy deodorant

B-e1yVcIIAAgXng Source: Bill Ryder Jones/Twitter

5. The time Prime Minister David Cameron apparently used the word “chaterama”

6. This Tesco tweet

7. This OTT testimonial of a reading lamp

8. This magazine

9. This scene captured by Gary Lineker

10. This description of Bangkok  as “one sexy broad”

11. This burning question

12. This programme that was definitely pitched to ITV by Partridge himself

13. And this one

14. This truly mortifying attempt at being “sexy” by Michael Owen

(For the record, her response is golden.)

15. And, of course, this local business

cartridge Source: Alan Cartridge/Twitter

In fairness, that’s pretty good.

(h/t to Accidental Partridge for providing the inspiration to this piece.)

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