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8 personal e-mails that are the bane of your existence

The worst.

AH E-MAIL. A source of constant stress and anxiety for many of us.

email Source: Growth Hero

As well as the usual work e-mails, though, your inbox can get clogged with unnecessary correspondences that quickly become the the bane of your life.

Such as…

1. Getting caught up in an e-mail thread with 19 other people.

Before you know where you are, it’s 35 messages deep and you can’t deal.

2. One-word replies.

Or as The New York Times wrote, “Some people are so rude. Really, who sends an e-mail or text message that just says ‘Thank you’?

3. All those newsletters you thought it would be wise to subscribe to, but have never read once.

post-28492-Im-going-to-sign-him-up-for-a-vfz7 Source: Panda Whale

Admit it. The closest you come to actually reading them is selecting “mark as read”.

4. Worse still? Getting an e-mail confirming you have unsubscribed.


5. Messages from Twitter/Facebook inviting you to “find your friends”.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

6. Any and all correspondences with LinkedIn.


For the 147th time, I don’t want to have a free trial of LinkedIn Premium.

7. E-mails from deals websites.

Candybox Stock Image Source: Press Association Images

Oh, a laser nail fungal treatment for 25% off? Thank you for e-mailing me about that.

They also pose a danger to those susceptible to drunk purchases.

8. E-mails that contain disclaimers that are longer than War and Peace.

Oh, you care about the environment? Tell us in ten words or less.

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