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9 utterly iconic Irish songs that could never have happened anywhere else

“Two rashers, two sausages…”

U2, HOZIER, SINEAD O’Connor… Ireland has produced its fair share of iconic musical artists over the years.

But what about these songs that never quite made it abroad?

1. Sultans of Ping FC - Where’s Me Jumper?

Source: Slaine Macroth/YouTube

Only in Ireland could a song that contains the lyric “I like a manifesto, put it to the test-o” command people to the dancefloor.

2. The Republic of Ireland Football Squad – Put ‘Em Under Pressure


The 1990 World Cup took place between 8th June and 8th July.

Put ‘Em Under Pressure topped the charts from 31st May to 23rd August, meaning that people were still buying the song well after Ireland had been knocked out and soccer mania was over.

In fairness, it’s a tune and a half, and makes Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home) sound like a pile of dirt.

3. Mark McCabe – Maniac 2000


This YouTube interaction says everything you need to know about the fondness Irish people have for Maniac 2000…




4. Richie Kavanagh - Aon Focail Eile


Only in Ireland would a song that almost says a bad word be among the best-selling songs of all-time. Either we’re very repressed or just plain old immature.

5. Father Brian and the Fun Lovin’ Cardinals – Who’s In The House?

Source: Shane OB/YouTube

Brendan O’Connor dressed up as a rapping priest singing, “Who’s in the house? Jesus in the house!” No, this was not a fever dream. This was an actual thing that happened.  And we all really enjoyed it!


6. Bill Whelan – Riverdance

Source: GandalfMithrandir90/YouTube

We might slag off Riverdance, but then you hear this music and memories of hosting the Eurovision and the prosperous 1990s come flooding back and you’re all like…


*wipes tear*

7. Six – There’s A Whole Lot of Loving


If you grew up in the 1990s, you most definitely spent your pocket money on There’s A Whole Lottta Loving Going On, a song that’s very heavy on American geography references in hindsight.


“My love for you is wider than the Utah sky” – Irish children in 2002, probably.

8. Tim O’Riordan and Natural Gas – The Langer


It says a lot about Cork pride that a song performed by a wedding band about other people being “langers” would top the charts for a month in Ireland.

Fair play, we guess.

9. Pat Shortt – Jumbo Breakfast Roll

i.e. the song that best represents the Celtic Tiger in Ireland.

Not only is it a helpful reminder of how we lost the run of ourselves, but it also speaks to our nation’s passages for sausages and rashers. Imagine if a song about burgers called The Big Ol’ Burger topped the charts in America. That’s what happened here.

Oh, Ireland!

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