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11 of the most ironic things that happened in Ireland

Oh no.

IT’S SO IRONIC. Don’t ya think?

1. When this Virgin van was clamped

downloadu Source: David Flynn

Let’s get this show on the road. LOL no.

2. This deli’s job ad and stipulation

rldIcUG Source: Imgur

3. When this Irish water van started leaking

original Source: Tara Byrne

You’re wasting it…!

4. Oh, gosh

4DUDV9K Source: Imgur via vertigo01

5. This spelling

yjBvm6F Source: Imgur, PISS_IN_THEIR_KETTLE

6. This event

7E7HE4O Source: Imgur

OK, they’re hopefully in on this one.

7. When this happened


8. And this

download Source: TheJournal

9. This sign, oh dear

lHeld Source: Imgur

10. Sweet justice

5938 Source: DailyEdge.ie

11. Finally… why?

11 times headlines told it exactly like it is>

Isn’t It Ironic?>

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