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Woman livetweets most obnoxious Tinder date ever

“I have a business to run. The business of enjoying my life.”

TINDER CAN BE hit and miss, but at least it is always ripe for parody.

A Twitter user named Carrie Mantha was in a bar when she happened to eavesdrop on what truly sounds like the most obnoxiously awful Tinder date ever.

He said what?

It somehow only got worse from there.

And then he went and said this. 

Truly this man was the living worst.

At one point, he bragged about taking something called “snowcaps”. (???????)

He even looked at Tinder while the date was in the bathroom.


To read a blow-by-blow account of the date, we recommend a read through Carrie Mantha’s Twitter timeline. You may cringe, but at least you’ll be able to rest easy in the knowledge that your Tinder date will never be as bad as this one. (Right?)

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