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9 of the most sarcastic things that have ever happened

*rolls eyes*

THE LOWEST FORM OF wit? Yeah, right.

1. The reaction to this #firstworldproblem

2. This dazzling display of workplace wit

spelling-2 Source: The Poke

3. This dad’s ‘dishwasher tutorial’

Source: Will Reid/YouTube

4. This wonderful greeting card

il_fullxfull.400623861_8lgx Source: Etsy

Get this for your mam. We dare you.

5. This witty street art

Post no bills! Source: Imgur

6. This person with the utmost confidence in our lord and saviour Bono

7. These misplaced quotation marks

They're either sarcastic or complete idiots Source: Reddit

There is no way that could ever sound sincere.

8. 12 Years A Slave director Steve McQueen’s sarcastic Oscars clap

He and the film’s writer John Ridley are in a dispute over sharing screenplay credit. So he did this when Ridley won an Oscar for it:

cvvVdEh Source: AV Club

You can tell he REALLY meant it.

9. And this joker

sarcastic-sign Source: ChexyDecimal

Drunk man steals bulldozer, learns why you don’t drunk-drive a bulldozer>

Nissan’s ad for a restored 1996 Maxima is thoroughly brilliant>

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