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15 mums who are expressing themselves via text message

Always be texting.

1. This mum with a big question

Source: Imgur

2. This mum with a new phone and a sense of pride

Source: ashwynkoop

3. This mum who wrote a text, then accidentally started talking to Siri

4. This mum whose emoji game is stronger than her eyesight

Source: corkyjo

5. This mum who is confused by both the internet and Dax Shepherd

Source: © Freeman/Digital Focus Intl


6. This mum who just discovered the microphone button

Source: Imgur

(If you can’t see the full thing, click here.)

7. This mum who is not super familiar with the work of Queen

Source: @batrisyiahabib

8. This mum who is still getting to grips with predictive text

9. This mum who has got updates.

10. This mum who just needs an answer, no pleasantries

Source: Imgur

11. This mum with lazy fingers

Source: Imgur

12. This mum who just needs to know her child is on the ball

Source: Imgur

13. This mum who is cuming

14. This mum who is so proud hashtag tears

Source: clarelogan7

15. And this mum whose questions cannot wait

Source: lexfletcher

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