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# Motivation
15 motivational messages that could actually change your life
Get yo ass in gear.

IT’S TRUE WHAT they say. You never see your successful mates sharing motivation quotes on social media.

But we have some new offerings for your consideration.

1. Change your frame of mind

JuG2og8 Imgur Imgur

2. You’re looking at life all wrong

FABdpaP Imgur Imgur

3. On the same lines

w8w4Gz2 Imgur Imgur

4. Let this analogy soothe you

xw6HKTK Imgur Imgur

5. Look to your pets for motivation

funny-quote-tshirt-dogs Loldamn Loldamn

6. This flowchart will be your guide

Worrying-flowchart Victoriachapman Victoriachapman

7. Think about THIS next time you’re afraid to make a move

y1PeMFu Imgur Imgur

8. If anything will get you off the couch…

CYgXVV4 Imgur Imgur

9. Legit note of importance here

rxQ2Zt6 Imgur Imgur

10. Live every day with the confidence of IE

2che9Ud Imgur Imgur

11. Any other existence is not worthwhile

Y7dhjNE Imgur Imgur

12. Some real gym motivation, applicable to reality

TVWRASt Imgur Imgur

13. Use a buffering YouTube video as your guide

k9EYc30 Imgur Imgur

14. Be grateful Gordon Ramsey isn’t encouraging you

AsieY3T Imgur Imgur

15. And finally…

E0wF28o Imgur Imgur

Nobody wants that.

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