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# Deadmau5
University Hospital Galway kitchen operations suspended after dead mouse found
Food production for the hospital has been moved to Merlin Park University Hospital.
# little f**ker
There was a mouse loose in the Cavan twins' house on Gogglebox and it was the highlight of the night
“The mouse has come back in. He must want to watch Gordon Ramsay”
# cafes and restaurants
Half of closure orders issued last month were due to evidence of pest infestations
Five food businesses were closed in September due to evidence of rat, mice or cockroach infestations.
# Take a Break
Sick of his old mouse, this guy decided to make his own...from wood
A ‘wood mouse’, if you will.
# house of mouse
Three Irish roommates' hilarious hunt for a mouse in the house is going viral
# danger mouse
So a man found a dead mouse in his Subway sandwich...
Spicy or American cheese? Mouse or no mouse?
# learning is fun
There's a secret reason why Solitaire was included with Windows 25 years ago
And what it taught us are actions we take for granted today.
# TechKnowHow
Here's how you can use your smartphone to control your computer remotely
Now you don’t have to get up if you want to watch your favourite movie.
# not mice
We finally know why there are holes in Swiss cheese
And it has only taken a century of research.
# danger mouse
A woman bought a mouse to feed her snake, but they became BFFs instead
Mice are friends, not food!
# hey mickey
Mouse caught eating cheese in back garden is unbelievably cute
Afraid of mice? Pah! Look at this guy!
# diy
Best use of a computer mouse ever, spotted in Dublin
# Nine lives
Two newborn kittens survive being boxed up and shipped 120 miles
They’ve named them Mouse and Wifi. Aww.
# christmouse
This mouse decorating a tiny tree is more prepared for Christmas than you are
Oh nothing, just a mouse decorating a Christmas tree.
Inventor of the computer mouse dies at 88
Doug Engelbart had the idea for the mouse back in the 1960s.
# Week in Web
Weird Wide Web: Marvel, fresh Facebook look and just the right lighting
All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.
# shelagh fogarty
VIDEO: Mouse terrifies BBC presenter live on air
Because people climbing on their chairs to escape mice can happen in real life not just in movies
# Hawkeye
We're not going to fall for this again, are we?
Did a hawk really snatch this helpless little mouse?
# Flash the Cash
VIDEO: Mouse gets a treat after handing over actual money
Take my mouse money! Take it!
# High Spec
Bafflingly Futuristic Gadget Launch of the Day
This is a mouse, but not as you know it…