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12 struggles anyone moving to a new flat understands

Finding a place is only the start of it.


You have finally found and secured an apartment after weeks of trawling through the internet and going to viewings every evening. The hard part is over, right?

No. Not at all.

If you have moved recently, you can tick off each of these painful stages:

1. Realising that you have way more stuff than you thought

My Dad's a Hoarder

Where did all this stuff come from, and how will I move it? You had no idea that you were a hoarder at heart. There are cupboards full of things you forgot you even owned. Can you just cull it all? Probably not.

2. Finding things that will fill you with beautiful nostalgia

Tweet by @Kelly Lydon Source: Kelly Lydon/Twitter

Oh, that night in Dicey’s happened. The best thing about receipts when you’re clearing stuff out is that they give you a precise time and date for the event. No detailed memory needed.

3. Losing stuff and having no idea where it could possibly go

Tweet by @Ivan Ong Source: Ivan Ong/Twitter

Things will get misplaced, even though you know you put it in the box. Unless it fell out of the car on the way over to the new place, it will forever remain a mystery.

4. Signing the contract will make you anxious for no reason

week-in-review-joseph-gordon-levitt-gifs-8 Source: Teen

You forgot that there was actual paperwork to do when moving somewhere. What are you, a lawyer? Sigh *ignores small print*

5. Constantly driving back and forth to the new place is a hassle

Tweet by @Melanie Source: Melanie/Twitter

Given you have so much stuff and you can’t possibly throw any of it out, you will spend a full weekend driving back and forth to the new place because suddenly your car is miniature and can’t hold much stuff.

overflwoingcar Source: flickr.com/photos/matthetube/

6. You get sad leaving behind the old apartment*

Tweet by @Kendra Froess Source: Kendra Froess/Twitter

*unless you hated it – then you’re delighted.

7. Finding out things about the new area right after moving in

Fish 'n' chips Source: lemonfilmblog

“So you’re telling me there is no chipper in the area? This should have been clearly specified on the ad.”

8. Your new local is a scary and intimidating place

Sinners Pub On Coleraine Street - Dublin Source: infomatique

You don’t know the bartender by name. How are you supposed to get a proper drink around here? Everything has changed, changed utterly.

9. Carrying things all day, every day starts to irritate you

Tweet by @Dom Source: Dom/Twitter

Yeah, it’s an essential part of moving – but that doesn’t make the 14th box any easier to carry.

10. You have to get used to a new landlord and how they run things

Tweet by @Luke Jones. Source: Luke Jones./Twitter

What? They want the rent on time every month? Well, alright.

11. When you’re finally done moving, you have to clean your old place properly

url-11 Source: Timeout

Sure, it was clean before – but not somebody new is moving in levels of clean.

12. And now you are left with one empty apartment to re-populate with your things

Living B, v0 Source: aforero

Everything is going to be alright, we promise.

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