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No, Mrs Brown's Boys isn't a surprise hit in North Korea


IF YOU’RE IRISH and on Twitter this morning, you may have seen this image floating around:

Source: JeffW via Twitter

It’s a newspaper article which states that:

“Mrs Brown’s Boys” the show originally produced by the BBC for RTE, became the surprise new hit of the official Korean Central Television [...] It is of course fully endorsed by supreme leader Kim Jong-Un, who appears in the Korean credits as the producer, director and sole writer.

And adds:

It is understood that Mr O’Carroll’s creation [...] proves so popular that it influences fashion in the streets of Pyongyang, a practice clamp down on by local authorities.

The original tweet with a photo of the article has picked up hundreds of retweets, and the image is also being tweeted by many other users. So what’s the story?

Well, needless to say, it’s a fake. The image is the work of Wales-based writer Jeffw, who confirmed to DailyEdge.ie that it is his own creation and bears no relation to events in North Korea.

Sorry, Kim.

Kim Jong-Un, reaching out for a DVD of Mrs Brown's Boys just beyond his grasp Source: Wong Maye-E

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