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15 reasons *that* Nadine Coyle passport moment is so iconic

“Naww, I gave the wrong date of birth”

THE FULL SERIES of the original Irish Popstars is back on the RTÉ Player (YES!).

And to celebrate the news, RTÉ posted a clip of *that* Nadine Coyle passport debacle to Facebook:

Perhaps the most deliciously watchable few minutes in Irish reality TV history can be found here. So it’s a good time to remember why it’s just so damn iconic:

1. It has instilled many immortal lines into the national consciousness – like “WHAT DAYT OF BIRTH DID AY SAY NOW?”

nadineplate2 Source: RTE


2. “Naww, I gave the wrong date of birth”

nadineplate3 Source: RTE

3. It’s a moment that inspired one of the best costumes of all time

Best 1985 costume

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4. And her facial expression when asked did she have her passport with her will stay with us all forever

nadineplate4 Source: YouTube

“Oh, naw… I should have it with me”

*roots around in a bag for a few minutes in full knowledge that she doesn’t have the passport*

5. It also inspired a commemorative plate to celebrate the phone call

nadineplate Source: The Dirt Bird

6. A call which included some quality acting: “I thought I said ’87 but she says I said ’85″

nadineplate5 Source: YouTube


7. And was followed by panic laughter for about 30 seconds – a feeling we can all relate to

nadineplate6 Source: Youtube


8. Remember Linda Martin’s disappointed face

nadineplate7 Source: YouTube

“You’ll break my heart…”

Poor mam Linda.

9. It was a proud moment for Derry

nadineplate9 Source: @impureshots Twitter

10. And it’s been a staple of Irish impersonations ever since

11. Even though it happened in 2001, the logisitics still get talked about to this very day

nadineplate10 Source: MKCNLY Twitter

Seriously though, someone should have checked that.

12. Pulling “A Nadine” is a thing now

13. All of us have been Nadine Coyle

Panic lying about your age to get drink when you were younger? Nadine Coyle.

Lost your passport in comical circumstances at an important time? Nadine Coyle.

14. All Northern Irish accent impressions can be conveyed through the medium of Nadine’s immortal words

15. Has there ever been a more emotional goodbye in Irish TV? The rest of Six were in absolute bits over it

nadineplate8 Source: Youtube


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